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This legendary exclusive revolving restaurant was officially opened in February 1973. The Roma was born form a concept pioneered by Bartholomeo Ribero, Comiso Turi and Gino Leopardi. Now proudly owned by the Reelin Group and managed by the Leopardi brothers. We are proud to say that we are the only genuine revolving restaurant in the southern hemisphere and the 3rd of its kind in the world. The Roma Revolving Restaurant also boasts the unique feature, as two others do, of a revolving window and floor area! The restaurant is situated on the 32nd Level of the John Ross House, overlooking the whole of Durban and surrounding areas with excellent sea and bay views. It has a speed control mechanism which allows a revolution of anything between 60 and 90 minutes. We are fully licensed and specialize in Italian cuisine. Delicacies include continental dishes, seafood and fresh game dishes.
In addition the Roma boasts its latest innovation of having Roma’s Skyy Bar located on the 33rd level, a truly one and only type of venue in South Africa and the Reelin D’Vine restaurant, conference and function room located on the 31st Level. These venues are also available for private and corporate parties.

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