VAAL WOMEN'S CLINIC in Vereeniging

11 Kruger Ave - Silverhawk Building Vereeniging

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The Vaal Woman’s Clinic is a Government Registered and Accredited Facility for SAFE and LEGAL ABORTION SERVICES, since July 2002 under the Choice of Termination of Pregnancy ACT (as amended).It is operated by qualified and registered Medical Practitioners.The Medical Doctors are registered with the Health Profession Council of South Africa(HPCSA),and are members of South Africa Medical Association (SAMA).

Our mission is to deliver sensitive and compassionate care to all our patients in a safe and friendly environment where confidentiality is assured. At Vaal Woman’s Clinic, you will receive the highest quality care for all your general and reproductive health needs.

Our highly skilled staff are trained to assist you through a safe, comfortable visit and are confident that you will be comfortable well attended to. Our providers are dedicated to serving women’s medical needs and offer a full range of health services.

Opening hours

  • Every day from 8:00 - AM to 5:30 - PM

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  • Visa
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Last update: 14/09/2018
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