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If you are craving for the bold flavors of Asian cuisine, come to Kung-Fu Kitchen!
Since the first restaurant opened in 1992, Kung-Fu Kitchen has now 17 branches all over Gauteng. Our restaurants enjoy a reputation for impeccable service, wide variety of delicious Chinese and Japanese cuisine, and friendly oriental atmosphere. Kung-Fu Kitchen is committed to quality and excellent service, and our dishes are recommended by our Chinese, Japanese and Western clients all over.

We are open 7 Days a week, where our talented chefs serve up mouthwatering dishes from appetizers to delicious sweet and sour, to Japanese sushi rolls freshly made from the sushi bar for your main course. Our menu also features a number of vegetarian and light dishes to cater to every dietary need. We also cater for year-end office functions.

Our recently opened branch in Rosebank provides Halaal food and includes special lamb dishes like fried lamb with cumin that is a specialty in Xinjiang province.

Do check out our menu and we look forward to seeing you

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Last update: 26/09/2017
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