CRAWDADDY'S in Pretoria

Waterglen Garstfontein Rd & January Masilela Dr, Waterkloof Glen Arcadia

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Crawdaddy’s – More Bang! for your Buck.

Crawdaddy’s, established 1995 has become a landmark in Pretoria for it’s Seafood and Meat Dishes, and has created a huge loyal family of patrons that keep the restaurant buzzing the year in and out.

We believe word of mouth and value for money to be our strongest advertisments, and customer service satisfaction the key element in our establishment.

Centrally situated in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo. On the culinery side, Crawdaddy’s marries the best of both worlds, offering an extensive variety of seafood and meat dishes of exceptional quality. This fused with local, mediteranean, thai and portuguese cuisine and our signature dishes, such as chowders and combo’s prompts gastronomical melody!

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Last update: 26/09/2017
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