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I looking the job boss
I have matric, assistant boilermaker & cnc turning machine operator.
I'm a person who will to learn day by day a new task.
even you take me as a general worker also fine.

my contact no: 0604606978
email ad: [email protected]

please may email your email to me, I need to email my cv

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Have been using Kenter Metals for over 3 years now - fantastic, friendly service. Highly recommended.

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In May 2018 I signed a quote from Stewart Snyman at Cape Spa & Pools for R66 450 to install a 2m X 5m gunite pool with a fibreglass lining at my residence. The quote included excavation, sand removal, skimmer box, light, pump, all materials and labour as well as tree stump removal.

As per our agreement the first payment of R40 000 was made to Mr Snyman in May

By 11 June 2018 the excavation and steelwork was complete and a second payment of R19 800 prior to gunite as per our agreement and this is where the problems started. Over the next weeks Stewart Snyman did not do a single stitch of work on the pool. Promises to gunite did not materialise, Stewart Snyman became less and less responsive, he did not answer or return calls, emails, SMSs or WhatsApp messages. We finally managed to get him on site on 27 August 2018 where we gave him an ultimatum to complete the work by 31 August, this is now 11 weeks later, or we would cancel the agreement.

True to form absolutely nothing was done.

We were forced to cancel the agreement which we did on 6 September 2018 via email, this is now 12 weeks since any work was done on site. We requested a breakdown of expenses incurred as it was my intention to be fair and allow him to retain some of the monies paid. We received a breakdown of R53 845 claimed in expenses which is patently false. If it were true, it would mean the total funds available to complete the pool as per contract would be R6 650 (contract price R66 450 less R53 845 alleged expenses.) The fibreglass lining alone was quoted at R13 500, to say nothing of electrical connections, filter equipment, coping, tree stump removal, etc…

We shopped the breakdown around to some reputable pool companies and based on materials left on site and work done plus compressor rig refunds, which Stewart Snyman confirmed was paid back to him, a generous estimation of costs incurred is R28 470 take this off of the 59 800 we have paid we are due R31 330 which we have requested but have not received any response to date.

We have opened a case of fraud and theft with SAPS.

Note the physical address on Stewart Snyman’s quote is for Pools for Africa who have sold fiberglass pools to Stewart Snyman in the past on an upfront payment basis. There is no land line or traceable address all you will ever get is a cell number, 082 20 9847, and email address [email protected] In our experience once he has your money good luck trying to get hold of him or any kind of response.


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Hi, just wanted to share my experience about Technicool aircon company. They really went out of their way to help fix our server room's aircon after hours and saved our servers from overheating. Thanks to the Technicool team.

Kind Regards


Hi, their service has been outstanding!

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Hi ,i really like the services offered by this company,I highly recommend it for everyone,

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WOMENS CLINIC DR.DAVID Same day, safe, womb cleaning and pain free Abortion clinic, The best Doctor you can trust. This women's abortion clinic offers same day services that are safe and pain free. we use approved and tested pills which are administered by our registered medical professionals to ensure that your abortion is safe, quick and no after side effects. Our main goal is to prevent unwanted pregnancies to enable women have children by choice. We also offer pregnancy testing and a full range of other services like treatment of pelvic pain and heavy periods. We sell and deliver abortion pills to clients who are far from our clinics and to those who wish to undertake the termination process in comfort of their homes. We treat our clients with a distinctive care and respect. We respect the confidentiality of all patients' interactions if you choose to include your spouse, partner or friend in your visit to our clinics we will welcome their participation and address any concern that they may have. Be assured that our professional expertise will provide privacy and confidential treatment and will support you all way through. For more information and Direction call or whatsapp 0618608641

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Wont ever do bussines with you. Driver almost rammed my car and flashed lights!!!

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