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User without photo

Please do not use this workshop. They fitted new brake pads and it made a squeaking sound every time I braked. Pieter wanted to charge another R409 to skim the brakes. Took it back to agent who fixed it and informed me that one never skim brakes. Cost me R1700 to fix their mistake.

User without photo

Really good service and friendly.

User without photo

hi lm looking for a bedding suit and sheets

Martin Grobler

Very poor customer service, terrible workmanship and by far the last place i would refer to others. They will never see me again. So disappointed!

The full story on my blog: https://www.martingrobler.com/blog/powerflow-randburg-why-you-should-not-support -them.html

User without photo

We had the misfortune of using this companies services. They are quick to come and collect your scrap metal and Ewaste and promise a refund, but 7 weeks of constant chasing up, I've now given up, nothing has been processed as yet, not even a destruction certificate that is standard practice for Ewaste disposal as per EWasa and MRA compliance. We will not be using their services again.

User without photo

I experienced great service at Kings Panel Beaters. They kept their promise regarding the duration, the quality of their work was exceptional and the price was the best in Bloemfontein. Thank you Nadia and Wayne for the excellent service and helping me with a smile! I highly recommend Kings Panel Beaters.

Lynda Barnard

Hi i really liked this nursery school. They are helpful and friendly and put your child's needs first. I see the address is incorect so I have put in the correct address. Do yourself a favour go and check it out. Address is A4 West Village Krugersdorp.

User without photo


This is Mabika Jabulani from Richards Bay. I have sent my uniform sizes no the security job opened at eMpangeni. I heared about Mngomezulu who started working from 30/09/2017. Please call me im willing to start working anytime 0716074167.

Thank you.

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